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"I recommend this book to anyone that is seeking a true understanding of a basic human condition that is more common than we are willing to admit. I will never look at boredom the same. Thank you Mr. Hawkins."

- Cynikal


"It is just what I was looking for!!, I wanted to change my perception of boredom, and this book has helped me A LOT. The description of this book says it is a ground-breaking book, and I thought that probably they were exaggerating a little... but after reading the book, I can say it is indeed a ground-breaking book (in my very humble opinion)."

- Maria S.


"I found this book thought provoking and highly relevant."

- Amazon Customer


"The power of boredom by Mark Hawkins is a short book, but it is stuffed with pearls of thoughts of philosophers such as Heidegger, Bertrand Russell and others about the connection between creativity and boredom. Amazingly Mark convinces the reader that the time we spend in doing nothing but getting bored may the fertile ground for doing ground work for creating a meaning in our lives, by defining what is that we truly want."

- Babru B. Samal




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